Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Ready for our 6x6 collectors show at South Street Gallery

A Western Safari last Autumn.

"Young Wolves" 18x28 oil

"Pronghorn" 9x12 oil

"Bison in the Brush" 18x24 oil

"Bison Range" 18x24 oil

"Critter Hunt" 11x15 oil

"Grey Fox" 9x12 oil

My summer sailing.

"August Regatta" 8x10 oil

"Hoopers Lighthouse" 9x12 oil

"Evening Reflections" 24x38 oil

"In for the Night" 8x10 oil

"Day at the Sea" 6x6 oil

"Keeping up with Family" 16x30 oil

"Upper Miles" En Plein Air 8x16 oil

More African!

"Masai Village" 16x20 oil

"Watchful Eyes" 8x16

"Curious Cat" 12x9

My blog and I have a love/hate relationship...

"Okavango Flight" 26x42 oil
I love it after I post something but I hate to stop painting and think about passwords, jpegs and sizes of paintings.  And how far behind I am when I look in my folder of images that have not been shown here! Too many to write about. I'm just going to post as many as I can and if you have questions let me know!